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  1. Posted by akiraroberson, — Reply

    See my mom only cleans her room and says it’s her house but when it’s Saturday morning all of a sudden she’s like this is ur house to so clean the bitch 😂😂

  2. Posted by KiraIsMine, — Reply

    Omg have to make sure no one is stalking me to(please Indo not mean it in a rude way)...... Because you know what??? EVERY SINGLE THING THEY TELL IS ALL TRUE!

  3. Posted by iisabamba, — Reply

    me: hey mom do u need help washing the dishes mom: no mom 2 minutes later: no one ever helps me in this house.

  4. Posted by chloe20cordero, — Reply

    My parents yell at me for not cleaning my room when they clean their rooms about once a year and their room gets just as messy the same time mines does. They also tell me you didn’t pay for this house so its not yours and when its time to clean apparently ALL of its mines even though none of it is.

  5. Posted by slothgirlclara, — Reply

    Uh huh. That's about it. I accidentally slam my bedroom door, don't slam my door! If it's your door, or your floor, why do I have to clean it?

  6. Posted by AngryPurrson, — Reply

    My dad says it's his house and when I ask him why do *I* always have to clean HIS house and he says it's cuz I'm his kid and because I live there and then when I say I never asked to be born or live here he gets even more heated and tells me stuff like it's not up to me and I'm not a grown up yet even tho I'm expected to act like one and get treated like kid

  7. Posted by kierareik, — Reply

    Do that to them in front of the other parent. Go, “OMG mom/dad are you cheating on dad/mom with that girl/boy! OML”!

  8. Posted by Alythealien23, — Reply

    It is their house and if you live there u can clean it up if that’s what they want bc ur the child

  9. Posted by lilpiqqy, — Reply

    that's me when i get depressed and im saying how world is unfair my mother is like calm down

  10. Posted by 6drianaa, — Reply

    they say I clean the inside they clean the outside, they really bouta go outside and scrub the grass?

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